Squirt by Peter Weiss

14 May 2006

Here are some photos of the Squirt I built from March 2003 to March 2005. She has a Mercury 15hp 2-stroke motor, Mercury high-end controls, cables, and steering, and Teleflex guages. Various woods were used such as Brazilian bloodwood, Philippine mahogany, hickory, cherry, black walnut, birch, douglas-fir, and okoume. I followed the plans until the hull was finished and I flipped the boat over, at which point I made some changes to the seat/dash/deck design and placement in order to shift weight aft as much as possible and make room for my 6'2" self. Seat cushions are currently being professionally upholstered with marine-grade vinyl for finishing touches. Thanks so much for providing the opportunity, through your design, to build such a boat.

Pete Weiss
Seattle, Washington