MiniMaxed by Erlan D'Alemeida

Sat, 20 May 2006

Dear Glen:
My son Erlan wanted you to have a picture of the Minimaxed that we built in 2005.
Ulisses D'Almeida.

This MiniMaxed has been modified.

Obviously the sponsons were not a part of the design. We have no perfomance reports, so do not know what effect the sponsons have. Would expect that these reinforcing brackets would have some "interesting" effects at speed. But, Erlan did a really nice job. ...brw

28 May 2006

Dear Barry
Since I have modified the project to accomodate my legs, it really did move the overhall weight a little bit forward. That's why I dicided to install the sponsons. It does navigate smoothly even when the water is not flat. When going over 25mph, some spray may occurs from the front, but I have installed a deflector (see pictures) that keeps the spray away from us.
It's cruising at 35mph with a 15Hp Mercury.
Its Weight with no motor is 110Lbs.
Erlan D'almeida