Subject: Bonanza
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006

My name is Shane Robinson and I wanted to share some pictures of my boat. This is the 17 ft Bonanza. It was built in 1962-1963 by my grandpa and my dad. It has a 1959 chevy 283 with powerpack heads, 1965 corvette intake and carb and corvette valve covers. I put an ISKY cam and mallory dual point distributor in it. I was clocked going 42 MPH with the stock cam and distributor. Now it will outrun a new ski Sanger with a 350.

22 January 2007

I have some more pictures now of when the boat was new that I thought you might like.

The picture with it behind the 1960 pontiac was taken in 1965.

In 1963.