Bravado by Dan Coffman

15 Jun 2006

I recently have completed building a modified version of the Bravado. The modifications I have done to it, are as follows.

  • I went with a flat raised floor in the cuddy, which required the deck to be raised 8".
  • I had to raise the main floor 3" to allow room for the fuel tanks under the floor (2 12 gal. moelen tanks).
  • I let the upper sheer run high all the way back. It is a very fun boat, and is very stable.
  • I also doubled up the transom and added a few extra supports that were not on the plans.

I mounted a 90 hp outboard on it . It does about 40 mph, and is very dry. Here are some pictures. It was a pleasure to build this boat. And I a sure you it won't be my last. If anyone has questions, I'm sure I could help. (see Project Registry for contact information)

Dan Coffman
Rochester, WA