Vera Cruise
by David Ellingson

5-10-06: I've been working on my Vera Cruise several months, sort of in backwards order. I've been working on the electrical/electronics, accumulating hardware, etc. so that when the hull is complete all this other stuff will be complete and ready to install. I bought the frame kit now because Allyn is retiring and it won't be available in the future. But I won’t be able to start on the hull for a year or two.

7 Jul 2006

Here are some pictures of the electrical panels that I've been working on.

Helm switches: Will be mount on the helm panel adjacent to the GPS and engine gauges.
Ignition: Start, stop, ventilation, hourmeters, and stuff.
Battery switch.
DC panel: The DC distribution panel.
AC panel: The AC distribution panel.

Front Panel Express did the anodizing, machining, and engraving to my specs. They do a really good job at a very reasonable price, all 5 panels were about $350 delivered to my door. You should add their link to your "Supplier" page.

Next I start on the supporting circuit boards. They perform the signal conditioning for the panel meters, drive the indicator lamps on on the panels, and a bunch of other stuff. Once all this is complete I build the helm box. My plan is to mount all this stuff in/on the helm box then, when the hull is complete, I just mount the completed helm assembly and finish routing the wiring around the hull.

David Ellingson
Woodstock, IL