Vera Cruise
by David Ellingson

21 March 2007

Here are some pictures of electronics that I completed earlier this year.

DC Board

The DC board controls the pilot lamps and digital meters on the DC panel. It also scales and filters the signals from the Hall Effect current sensors and the water level sensors so they display properly on the meters. There are a couple of pictures of the water level sensor and meter in action. I'm going to fit probes in the fresh and black water tanks to monitor the fluid levels.

Hall Effect Current Sensor

Water Level Sensor

Water Level Probe

Helm Board

The helm board controls the pilot lamps and Nav. alarm on the helm panel, and the hour meter and blower lamp on the ignition panel. It also powers the engine and fuel gauges and compass to be mounded at the helm.

Maybe I'm going overboard on the electronics, but that's part of the sheer fun of the project. Next, I build the the helm box and wire all this stuff together. I'm planning to start the hull next spring. Stay tuned for updates.


David Ellingson
Woodstock, IL