Tuffy outboard runabout by Allan Gillis

17 Aug 2006

Dear Glen - L
I previously built the TNT, I have now built the Tuffy model.
A little about the boat:

  • I built it spacifically to use in rivers as a jet boat and modified the original design.
  • The transom motor mounting hight was raised 7 inches.
  • The transom angle was changed to 18 degrees.
  • The boat bottom now has a tunnel extending 2 feet forward , 2 inches tapered from transom,16 inches in wide.
  • These changes were made to accommodate a jet 40 Merc outboard, the tunnel allows the jet intake to not be below the bottom of the boat.
  • The boat is epoxy encapsulated on the inside and fiberglased on the outside.
  • How well does it work?
    Wow what a machine, its on plane instantly even with passengers, only needs 3 inches of water depth. Once on plane I need only half thottle. It literally will go anywhere and is the funest thing I have ever driven.
  • How long did it take to build? 3 months.
  • How much did it cost? 9000 for motor ( new ), 400 for steering, 3000 for boat ,1200 for traler. Prices in Canadian dollars.