TNT by Richard E. Rutledge

The TNT is the 5th Glen L hull that I have built over the last 35 years; I'm 70-years old now and, as you can tell, this one's for my 12 grand kids. Ages 3 to 28.

It took me two months to build, working most every day because I was so consumed. As you can see, we added a small seat, not the most comfortable, but the kids don't have to kneel. It's made with Philippine-mahogany and completely fiberglassed; it is simply gorgeous.

The boat has a 25-horsepower Mercury two-stroke with single control steering. This, by the way, is way hard to find. Two 3-gallon fuel tanks are under the bow for weight. Each tank has its own fuel line, if one runs out... simply hook up the other one. I also added trim tabs on the transom to control bow position at its 34 MPH top speed. It's painted strawberry pearl coat with many coats of clear and black trim. The flames are black with bright yellow air-brushed edges, which are going to get a hand painted black outline. The silver stripe and name are in vinyl. The stripe is iridescent and changes color in the sun. The only thing I didn't do was upholster the seat.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and next winter, God willing, I will build another.