TNT by Brad Thomson, Belleville, Ontario

Hi folks,

What a great little boat!

I purchased the plans for your TNT design over 10 years ago, bought the material for the frames and started to clear the garage to build my boat, I then set it down and never returned to complete the project. I now live 3 hours away from my parents and I am in my mid 30s, consumed by career and lack of time like so many of us. But on a whim when my dad told me of the planed yard sale and his intention to put a price on my precious plans and frames “why don’t we build it” came out of my mouth. Before you know it we were off! I am so glad I decided to finish this project. This has been a great summer building a great design with my dad. We have the boat built and are in the finishing stages (installing hardware, steering, ETC). We have found a 1958 Merc mark 55 in great shape (sitting in a basement 20years) and now the summers drawing to a close its time to concentrate on the motor which I think will give this package such a great look!

I built the strong back from spruce and laminated it with OSB board (to limit movement). The frames and all lumber are Philippine mahogany, the side and bottom planking are 1088 ¼” mahogany and the side planking and decking are 6mm ribbon stripe mahogany.

Just wanted to say THANKS, and forward you some pictures to enjoy! I will have this in the water in the spring and will forward some action photos and performance results.

PS. I was inspired to build this boat by my dad, who built two of these 45 years ago with his friend.

Brad Thomson
Belleville, Ontario