Tiny Might built by Thomas Smith

20 November 2006

The boat you see started out as a Tiny Mite and I added four feet to the length. I have designed and built boats in the past so I know what I am doing. I wouldn't suggest anyone else not to try this unless you have some engineering background. The motor that is going into it is a buick 215 c.u. all aluminum V8 with the 1:1 velvet drive it, weighs 425 lbs. wet which is lighter than your Crosley. It is a little modified and is pushing around 200 H.P. (was 160 H.P. stock). The sheer and chine will be replaced with full sticks, Im still mocking it to try to get the lines right. I will try to get more photos to you as building progresses.
Thomas Smith

13 December 2006

More pics of the Tiny Mite