Rebel by Brian H. Wilmers

December 17, 2006

I built a Rebel from scratch in 1970 while in 12th Grade of High School, which makes it 37 years old in 2007! The year before I had built a Glen L MiniMaxed. I started the rebel in Wood shop class and finished it in the summer of 1970 and launched it in July of that year. I still have it with a 1972 50 HP Johnson on it. It stills runs great and pulls a skier or two without trouble. Calm water is best with the fairly flat hull design. It is a real conversation piece and has given us alot of fun over the years. I purchased the plans and galvanized fastener kit from Glen L. I believe the plans were $14.00 at that time! I used an electric teakettle with a funnel on top to steam bend the chines. If anyone is building a Rebel I can answer questions--I remember the process like it was yesterday. Attached are two pictures of it from 1970 with a Chrysler 50HP on it. I put the Johnson on it in 1974.

Brian H. Wilmers