Minimax by Brian H. Wilmers

December 17, 2006

I built a Minimaxed from scratch in 1969 while in 11th Grade of High School. A year later I built a Glen L Rebel. I started the Minimaxed in Wood shop class and finished it in the summer of 1969. I ran it alot in the summer of 1969 and then sold it to get enough money to pay for a boat trailer for the Glen L Rebel I built in 1970. I purchased the Minimaxed plans from Glen L. It had a 12HP Elgin outboard on it. Attached is a picture of it from the summer of 1969. What a great boat and lots of fun that was! Going 22MPH only 6" off the water in a boat that I built was a thrill I remember to this day.

Brian H. Wilmers

This is actually the Minimax, designed by William Jackson. Our MiniMaxed is an update, using partial stitch and glue construction. Brian's comment about the thrill of racing along 6" above the water is certainly true. The MiniMaxed, Tiny Titan, Super Spartan, XP8 and Picklefork all give the same thrill at less than death-defying speeds.