Jimbo by Larry Wilson

2 November 2007

Deck beam and battens are in place as are the partial side deck beams. The Samson post is only temporarily installed at this point to facilitate its proper alignment.

24 December 2007

Carlings have been installed. The space between the carling and the inner sheer has been filled with scrap 1-inch wood to facilitate later installations of step pads, rod holders, cleats, etc. without having to back them up with wood blocking later. It is just easier to do it now. Notice that I have started some of the painting. I am painting those parts that would be difficult after construction is finished.

9 & 10 January 2008

Just installed the knee.

I have just installed the longitudinal uprights. Notice the cross-braces to maintain the uprights in a vertical position until the glue dries.

15 April 2008

My 7-yr. old daughter is helping to cut and sand part of the motorwell.