Pirate Tubby Tug as built by Todd Deaver, Newalla, OK

Subject: Pirated Tubby Tug
Date: 22 January 2007

After seeing your plans for the Tubby Tug, I knew I wanted to build one for my granddaughter. Since she is only 3-years old, I thought I would have to wait until she was older. Not wanting to wait several years, I decided to build one for my 8-year old nephew.

Given my nephew's fondness for playing "Pirate", I decided to modify the plans a little. The cabin was left off, but blocks were installed for future addition. The center seat was built to hold a simulated mast and a bowsprint was attached to the bow. Ropes were used to simulate the outline of sails. Power is from an electric trolling motor. I told my nephew that we can finish the conversion to a tug boat when he outgrows being a pirate.

This is a picture of a modified Tubby Tug I built for my 8-year old nephew.

On the lake with a pirate at the helm.

I thoroughly enjoyed building the boat and plan on building another Tubby Tug when by granddaughter gets a little bit older.

Todd Deaver
Newalla, OK