Lord Nelson as built by Earling and Geronimo Garvie – Mar del Plata - Argentina

23 January 2007

At last our Lord Nelson project sees the water. There is still a lot to be done her, but circumstances forced us to make an early launching. Work will continue while she is moored. We hope to report an official inauguration before too long.
Earling and Geronimo Garvie – Mar del Plata - Argentina

24 September 2009 Update

A photo of our hull that was taken yesterday when we went back into the water, now boasting a tiller and propeller.

Our next move is to install portholes and cabin fittings, as well as our bowsprit, so then I think that then there will be something visible and new to show.

Cheers to everybody at Glen-L

16 November 2009 Update

4 January 2010

2010 starts off with a big move ahead for our Lord Nelson project. We have been able to fit its mast and rigging, so it’s beginning to look like a sailing boat at last!