Squirt by Peter Stofmeel - NSW, Australia

24 January 2007

Dear Gayle.

I finished the squirt sometime early in the new year of 2006. I opted to buy a new motor, a Mercury 15HP which set me back a bit but is worth the extra dollars. The fuel economy is great and the power is capable of lifting it instantly onto plane with 2 adults, at full stick I have been told on three occasions now that it is travelling at 40kph (25mph), feels like it's doing three times that.

Did have trouble early in the piece without a skeg, couldn't get off a wake at slow speed and nearly hit another boat, that was enough to look into fitting a skeg. The sliding without it was great fun but ended up being too dangerous. Ended up fitting a 1-1/2" strip from base of stem to transom but this caused cavitation therefore shortened it 2ft from the transom, it now turns on it's nose from full throttle.

Now to work out spray rails or something to keep dry.

The lettering here in NSW Australia has to be 150mm high, - c'mon the hulls less than 400mm high, "that's the regulation height sir"- The orange lettering is actually self adhesive, semi transparent book covering for school books, it's been on for 12 months now and does not shows signs of falling off.

Thanks Glen L for a great little boat.