Monaco as built by David Barrett
Cartersville, Georgia

February 23, 2007

Dear Glen L Staff,

I just wanted to give an update on my Monaco. I got the plans in January of 06 and studied them for a few months before I started the frames, which I completed later that summer. Took some time to clean out my garage and design a movable form, which by the way, hasn't moved since I started assembly in late September 06. I haven't logged my time and I would only be guessing at the time I've spent. All I can say is it has really been fun and I've managed to get my entire family (all five of us) involved even if it was just to hold the end of a board while I clamped it or pull-out staples. Some days I work a lot and well, some days I don't. I hope to turn the hull sometime this summer.

I've included a few pictures for the photo section of your website.

Photo # 1 Completed frames are being spaced-out over the motor stringers.

Photo # 3 Keel being test fitted.

Photo # 4 Side battens are being test fitted.

Photo # 5 Frame completed and 90% faired.

Photo # 6 Back view of frame with side planking started.

Photo # 7 First layer of planking complete and 50% faired.


David Barrett
Monaco builder
Cartersville, Georgia

23 July 2008

Dear Glen-L,

I wanted to send a few more pictures of my Monaco to add to the customer photo section. I wanted to test everything before completing the decking and seats.

I was very happy with the performance and everything seemed to work as it should.


David Barrett