Double Eagle - Aluminum by Bill Zubko

4/7/07. rear deck is welded down, front deck cut out and fit, my front deck has a 10" step in it around the walk around wheel house that will be welded down.

28 May 2007

Here are some stats on my boat...
beam @ transom-8'5", @ bow-8'9", chine to chine @ transom-7'8", freeboard @ transom along chine 32", same place deck to gunwhale 18", deck to bottom @ keel by transom 20", deck to bottom at keel at frame #5-29 1/2". bow pulpit to transom-28'3".
I am building a fixed shaft surface drive unit that will be 4' long w/ dual rudders, the swim platform will be 32" long.

The hull is bolted to the concrete floor so that the drawn waterline and the floor are parallel, and the top of the bow pulpit is 6' above the floor. the yellow tape to the rear of the 100 gallon fuel tank is at 8' on the deck.