Squirt with jet by Matt Holmes

22 August 2007

Just got the boat in the water last weekend for the first time. It exceeded my expectations in almost every way. The ride is nice and smooth and dry with zero porpoising or other wierd behaviors, and even on relatively choppy water, cavitation was minimal. If I had a dime for every time someone came up and commented on how "cute" it looked, or asked me "what kind of boat is that?" ;-) Never in my life have I taken on a project that has given me more of a sense of accomplishment.

I don't have a speedo, but judging from the side by side running test with my brother's ski boat, I'm estimating that it does about 34-38 mph. It is a total blast. I need to add either a fin, or some wooden strips to the bottom, as the boat has a dangerous tendency to just sort of "rotate" several degrees, and continue on the same course when you turn the wheel at high speeds. Hopefully a fin will get it to "dig-in" a little better.