Bullet by Bob Rathert

Here are some pictures of a boat I originally built back in 2002. After studying a lot of other boats on the Internet I thought I would try to do some wood inlay on my old project (THE BULLET). I used cedar and white pine which is easy to find in my area, southern Illinois. Bob Rathert

1-This is what my boat looked like when I finished it the first time, nice, but could be better.

2-I completely stripped off the old paint and fiberglass and sanded it bare to bond with the new wood.I decided to put the cedar at an angle, something different than I ever saw.

3-I finished the sides and started on the top.I used screws and washers to fasten the planks while the epoxy dried.

4-Here it shows my fastening technique on the back deck that I added.

5-I used cedar sawdust and epoxy for filler between the spaces in the boards.

6-It's all sanded ready for 4 coats of epoxy.

7-Finished last coat of epoxy. Ready for final sanding.

8-I got so carried away with building the boat I missed taking a lot of pictures. Here's a shot of the finished interior.

9-I put 3 coats of epoxy over the fiberglass, then base coat, and 2 coats of clear and a lot of buffing.

10-2 coats of clear on the top really makes it shine.

11- Came across a deal I couldn"t pass up on a new 25 h.p.Nissan outboard. On paper it should do 38 m.p.h. I think it's really close.

12-I'm amazed how this boat rides in rough water.I really enjoyed building it and it's even more fun to drive. It's definately a head tunner.