Wild Thing by Bob Rathert

1-The Wild Thing was my first stitch and glue project. I got it stitched together wondering how this was going to turn into a boat.

2-Stitched, glued and filled with flotation.

3-A little over half way done putting the cedar strips on the deck.

4-Cedar strips sanded, finished with 2 coats of epoxy and ready for fiberglass.

5-Bottom epoxied, fiberglassed, sanded and painted. Ready to turn over and finish the top.

6-I changed the top design because I have a pull start motor and wanted to make room for a 6 gal. gas tank.

7-Ready to epoxy the top to get ready for the paint. (no glass on top)

8-It's finally finished. It's fitted with an Evinrude 9.9 kitted to a 15 hp.

9-The boat is very stable. I can stand on one side with no trouble. Not a real smooth ride on rough water but a lot of fun on smaller lakes.

10-The boat really turns a lot of heads and they can't believe I built it from plans off the Internet.