Giant Sherwood Queen by Norm Tyler

26 April 2007

I purchased the Sherwood Queen plans after completing the Glen-L Console Skiff. This time, however, I wanted to follow plans precisely. I bought plans to build the boat with my Dad when I visit him on vacation twice a year, so we don’t have a lot of time to work on it, especially in the winter. When I told my Dad I had purchased plans, he was excited, but wanted the boat to be slightly larger, which was fine since I knew we could increase length by 10%. Well, I am a little embarrassed to report that, despite being a 4th year Engineering Student, I plugged some incorrect numbers into my calculator ((15.5” x 1.1) should have given me my length, but remember I was in a hurry because I didn’t want my Dad to be disappointed with the tedious part of frame set up), and managed to calculate a spacing that created a 21’ boat! I have tried many times to reproduce, on my calculator, that number, but have been unsuccessful. Well – we are stuck with it now. The breasthook angle was quite large, creating a bulbous bow that I had to cold-mold and fair to rest of hull, giving a flaired side. Also, since I was concerned about the length, I applied 2 layers of 10 oz. cloth to hull, and 6 layers to transom exterior. The lines, when observed from a bird’s-eye view are very attractive and smooth and look like other Queen’s on the picture archive. The big difference is my length to beam ration is close to 3 to 1, instead of closer to 2 to 1.

I am going to post a question on the forum regarding how I should power this monster.

Thank you, for a nice set of plans.

Norm Tyler