Squirt by Blair Dunlop, Southern England

12 May 2007

Dear Sir or Madam, I'm writing to inform you that I have just finished building a Squirt, from your designs. I was given the plans as a Christmas present five years ago by my parents, when I was fifteen, and soon after I started building. It took an awfully long time, as my time was occupied with many other things: exams, university, boarding school, to name but a few, and so inevitably the boat was often put to one side. It is the first boat I have ever built and consequently there were many occasions where I had to undo my efforts thus slowing progress further, yet I continued. And now, finally, she is finished! Though she is not of a professional build quality, she is sturdy enough, and I am a proud and pleased man.

A few particulars: I have modified the design slightly to allow a large dog to be able to sit in the rear comfortably (sounds strange I know, but our Labrador loves the sea). She has a ten horsepower two stroke engine and is able to reach speed of approximately 20 knots with two people on board. The runners underneath her are very shallow, just enough to grip the water. This means that cornering is slippery yet exhilarating, and certainly gives one a huge burst of adrenaline. Though she doesn't like waves, she is remarkably stable, and surprisingly comfortable.

I would like to congratulate and thank you for a successful and (by the appearance of your website) a very popular design.

Once again, thanks from a very satisfied customer.

Blair Dunlop.
Southern England.