Console Skiff by Bill and Janie Arnold

Hello Gayle and All,

Well, I ordered my Console Skiff on March 20, 2007. My wife and I launched the boat today, July 5, 2007. Building the boat was a joy. You provided all the orders in great shape, and on time. Thanks!

I have all the usual pictures, but they have been shown in numerous other sets of photos. I have attached three pics that show the finished boat. Our launching drew a nice crowd, and several people commented on the nice design. The boat handled exceptionally well throughout all the usual manuevers. It got up on plane with just a 9.9 HP Honda (my wife and I are not heavy and the boat is light). We will use the boat for fishing locally and just going for picnics on the water. I modified the console so people have a handhold when going from front to back, or otherwise. I made my own steering wheel, and I moved the front seat forward so a cooler and fishing bags could fit between the seat and the console and leave a path for our dog to do his laps. I left off the windshield to lower the profile. I might add a fish finder in its place.

Again, thanks for a great set of plans, fine service, and a terrific design.

Bill and Janie Arnold
Fort Collins, Colorado