Tubby Tug by William A Mackey, Utica, NY

3 June 2007

I purchased the plans on 2/5/06 and began collecting the materials, I found some 100 year old oak that was previously church pews, which I used for the cabin and all the trim. 5/20/06: Hull complete, cabin complete on 7/22/06. 9/23/06: all painted and ready. Wasn't able to go for maiden voyage until 5/28/07. It was in the water 7/4/06 but just to reach my personal goal. Had to wait till this season as it required a HIN which took much longer than I excepted. This memorial day was the first voyage, hell or high water, and it was 20 mph wind and 1 ft. waves, but this little boat took it like a champ. Thanks Glen-L!
William Mackey

Breasthook: made from wood from a grand piano