Hunky Dory by John Stevens, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

I KNOW there a lot of pix, but your first timers should know that when you build a boat, make it a boat and not furniture. I actually have documented this boat with the Feds, instead of obtaining a state registration. I believe it may be the first Hunky Documented. If you go to the Homeland Security/Naval Documentation website you will get the formula for documentation. Keep crunching numbers and adding inches to the hull until the formula works. It's not a big stretch. I put alot of extra frames about a third foward of the stern for attaching a towing bit, tower or whatever in the future. I used alot of slab white cedar from the Vermont swamps on the inside and left the edges rough. Looks cool. There are some other Glen-l boats mixed in that I have built; and a St. Piere dory that I built from John Gardner's book. To you first timers, just get out there and DO IT. Beats the hell out of listening to "you know who" and it WILL float. All I ever use is a hammer, a skill saw and a drill. I guess I'm lucky, I've built a dozen boats from 8' to 30' and never had a problem with a chine log or a sheer. They just fit. Please feel free to post my e-mail, if anyone wants to ask questions. (See the Project Registry for email address.) I have a 100 ton master capt license but would rather bang around the backyard then take a bunch of pink neck fools out to look at whales on George's. Or get involved in pushing barges, etc. Thanks and greetings from Cape Cod. Respectfully John Stevens