Zip by Tom Drake

9 September 2007

I have just completed my first wooden boat and it has been a great experience. Living in Mount Dora, FL, there has not been a shortage of help as this area is a Mecca for wood boat restorers. My wife, Tina, and I are looking forward to our trip to the Gathering to visit with other Glen-L builders. The two photos indicate the influence of our local antique boat restorers in detailing my Zip. If I can be of help to anyone working on a Zip, just e-mail me. Thanks to All,
Tom Drake

The hull is Sapele mahogany (6MM) 1088 plywood. The entire hull including the covering boards are covered with fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin. The deck is 1/4 inch mahogany strips glued to a 4MM subdeck.

Tina, myself and our Zip, "Irish Rose" will see you all at The Gathering 2007 in Guntersville.

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