Squirt by Paul & Joe Bromley, Ballasalla, Isle of Man

April 18, 2009

After 2 and a half years on and off our dream of finishing our Squirt has become reality today when she made her maiden voyage on the Irish sea in the Isle of Man. For anyone thinking they cannot do it think again; myself and my son have never built a boat before and started the Squirt which is extended to 10 feet 8 inches in a 13 foot shed, a bit of a squeeze and required some organisation but with a will we made it!

She performs well even on a choppy bay and is a great tribute to the soundness of her design.

The Boatbuilder Forum has been fantastic and even though we live on a fairly remote island we have never felt short of advice.

Thanks for a great service and many happy hours of fun together building her.

--- Father & son Paul & Joe Bromley.