Ski Tow by Lars Vestergaard, Aalborg, Denmark

May 7, 2009

I started my SKI TOW project July 2008. I am from Denmark and I am not sure if others from Denmark have built a Glen-L boat before.

This is my first boat building project, and I am very excited to go on with it. I had rebuild my garage a little before there was enough room for the boat.

This is from the day where I did the first work.

The first frame is assembled. As you can see is this a little room at the back of my garage. Later I made one big room, as you can see in the other pictures.

These are the oak planks that I brought from a small local shipyard who specialized in renovating old wooden sailboats.

Here all the frames are finished and ready to be attached to the building form. Here you can see why I had to rebuild the garage. :-) There is no room for the Stem....

The garage is now rebuilt and the stem and keel are mounted.

The following 4 photos show further work mounting the logs and decking.

This shows the drain holes under the decking.

This is where I am right now the project - where I just need to mount the last piece of decking.

My plan is to paint the bottom of the boat before I right it. The rest of the boat should be given a mahogany stain and varnish afterwards.