Tuffy by Jarle Berentzen, Hønefoss, Norway

May 21, 2009

After receiving the drawings for the Tuffy in early April I finally started building a couple of weeks ago. There haven't been any big problems yet and the drawings have been easy to follow.

Here are some pictures from the beginning to the current status. Next up is some fairing before the side and bottom panels needs to be attached and fiberglassed.

The project has been a lot of fun up to this point and I'm really looking forward to turning it around and start on the more visual part of the boat.

June 8, 2009 Update

Gotten a lot further on the Tuffy since last time. The bottom and side planking went on quite quickly and was no major issue. I decided to flip it around to do the decking before finishing of the fiberglassing. The reason was that I wanted the fiberglass to run around sheer and up on the deck instead of having to pieces fiberglass joining on the edge of the deck (I'll se how well my theory worked out when I flip it right side up again after the bottom has been painted).