Riviera by David Lott, Branson West, Missouri

22 July, 2009

And the Work Starts

Initial Frame Shaping

Frame Shaping Completed

Frame Glue-up

Initial Frame Glue-up Complete

Center Frames and Clip Installation

Frame Mounting Complete

Keel Notch Cutting

Keel Notch Fit

Keel Notch Jig

Keel Test Fitting

Scarf Joint Jig Using Side of Workbench

10 August 2009 Update

Bottom Battens in Place

5 September 2009 Update

Completed Frame - Adding to Low Spots

Sample of Oak-Epoxy Blowout

19 September 2009 Update

First Lamination Completed

First Hull Lamination - Front View

Second Hull Lamination on Bottom

4 October 2009 Update

Third Lamination on Sides