Foamee by Vladimir Holis, Westchester, Illinois

3 September, 2009


My dad made this boat some time in the early 1980's. It is make out of wood veneers that he cut himself. I was very young when he did it. These pix are from 2007 after being in the storage for many years. It's nice to see her still sailing.

I looked up the name and found your website.

--- Lisa Holis, Romeoville, Illinois

My Dad, Vladimir Holis from Westchester, Illinois, made this Foamee boat in 1980. Took him about 6 months to make by himself and about $200.00 in hardware. It is completely made of scrap wood that he found. He cold molded the Foamee with heavy duty staples and glue.

This was made as a dingy for a 25' Kirby, however, he does not have that boat anymore. Fortunately, the Foamee (I nicknamed "Woody") he still has. It has been in my father's garage for the past 20 years and in 2006 it was shipped to my brother's house in Florida. My brother lives near a lake which is seen in the pictures that I included. We took it down to the lake in 2007 and I took these pictures. It has not sailed since then. My father is looking to purchase a trailer for the boat due to it getting harder to transport it to the lake on the roof of his van. He made a custom cradle that he would transport it on. Hopefully, she will sail again!