Scrambler by Monte Becker, Coyhaique, Chile

7 November 2009

Thanks so much for making these plans available. Practically the moment I saw them offered by you I started building. I ran the boat for several seasons open and have just now finished putting in boxes and floor boards. The boat is a blast to drive, very stable and a great addition to my ¨small¨ fleet that I use at my fly fishing lodge an hour north of Coyhaique, Chile. On the water photos to follow. I'm happy to answer questions about the design and build.

The use of this boat is to motor up and then float down using oars, transom first. One fisherman in the stern, one in the bow and an oarsman rowing from the center thwart (Box). Sleds notoriously row very poorly. This boat with it's wide floor rows pretty well, though.

5 June 2010 Update