Sea Knight by Bill White, Edgefield, South Carolina

16 September 2009

Plans arrived March 08. The adventure begins with the building form. Not having Wood Shop or any wood building experience, this may be a real learning experience.

White Oak was used for the framing, holes were drilled on frame uprights on the drill press prior to assembly of frames to save extra work later.

Plywood for the hull was scarfed on the floor to make 18 foot lengths, and was cut from patterns and installed as single sections. No fiberglass cloth will be used anywhere on this boat.

Polyurethane enamel applied over resin based epoxy primer. No anti fouling paint will be used.

Time to carry hull outdoors, to turn over. I used the tractor to support the bow and 4 men lifting the rest. It went a lot easier than anticipated.

Back inside shop and epoxy applied to the bilge. From this point on, attention will be paid to omitting unnecessary weight and placement of fixed weight to achieve a proper fore/aft/port/starboard balance.

Building the cabin.

Cabin built and a flexible texture finish applied to all exterior surfaces above the bumper rail.

Applying white polyurethane enamel to sides of hull.

Gloss polyurethane being applied below the bumper rail, using the same color tints as the finish above the bumper rail.