Sea Knight by Bill White, Edgefield, South Carolina

16 September 2009 (Cont'd)

A little extra effort went into designing a mahogany flying bridge that wouldn't conflict with the flowing line of the Sea Knight.

With exterior colors applied, it's time to start interior.

Helm box built and side trim panels constructed out of 1/8" Luan and covered with vinyl, frame gussets were filled in and finished to match side panels.

Sliding windows were fabricated for cabin to provide additional ventilation.

Transom trim installed using mahogany salvaged from a sunk house boat.

Embossed sheet vinyl flooring bonded to plywood to facilitate cleaning up fish and bait scum.

Side panels with built in pockets, and using up some leftover mahogany to make rod holders.

Cabin is finished in gloss white enamel with cob webbing applied over the white while still tacky. The cabinet is easily removable and the lower framework serves as the hold down for the built in poly fuel tank located below.

Bulk head opening to provide access to steering, wiring, and cables. The access door also provides a handy table when open.

Using up more scrap mahogany is a grab rail and cup holder, for a standing passenger.