Pirogue by Ron Krueger, Wilmington, North Carolina

29 March 2010

I made a couple of design changes. Mainly the water tight bulkheads on each end and a modification of the sheers.

I installed the sheers just proud (1/16") of the plywood edge and filled the area with epoxy putty.

The total cost was over $800 ($480 or so to Glen-L for plans, materials etc.) and about three months part time to complete.

28 June 2011 Update

Here are some photos showing the progress of my build.

Work table with the bottoms and one of the sides in the background.

Next are the sides and bottom butted together.

I used some bricks to weight down the butt blocks when assembling. Heres a hint, when using bricks or cinder blocks for weights it would be wise to wrap them in plastic to avoid the grit from shedding off on the wet epoxy.

Next we start stiching things together.

Fileting and various wood forming tools.

Glassing outside and seats.

The seats are filled with foam for floation.

I dry fitted the inner sheer in position, drilled holes for temporary screws then epoxy the sheer and used temp screws instead of clamps which maintained exact position of sheer. The inner and outer sheers were 1/16 " higher than the side planking edge and the resulting gap was filled with thickend epoxy which sealed the plywood edge.

Outer sheer was dry fitted with clamps and the screw holes were drilled in position. the sheer was then epoxed and assembled using screws. If you look close you can see the gap between the sheers which was filled with thickened epoxy to seal plywood edge.

The bow and stern bulkheads are water tight and provide storage and floation.

All finished and it floats. Thats me with the life jacket on.

Scale model just for fun.