Tubby Tug Model by Ron Krueger, Wilmington, North Carolina

12 May 2010

Here is my Tubby Tug in 1/4 scale.

29 April 2011 Update: Here are my build photos...

The model is made using heavy picture framing mat purchased from AC Moore store. After hull is assembled apply two or three coats of epoxy to all surfaces inside and outside and also epoxy the inner surface of compartments such as seats, bow area, etc. before covering. The cabin wood is cut to scale size from scrap wood or whatever is available. The heavy horizontal piece of wood is temporary to hold the cabin frame in place while assembling. I used carpenters wood glue, gap filling CA (super glue) and hot melt glue for assembly and then thickend epoxy fillets over most of the joints.

Attaching sheers

Finished cabin. The bright wood is Mahogany.

Attaching curved dash

Attaching roof using two wood parallel rails and a couple of brick weights.

Water cannon

The builder hiding behind boat

This was fun building and the full-size one will be next. Return