Squirt - by Mark H. Howes

14 October 2007

SPLASHED THE BOAT, However, I have not written regarding the status of my project under construction since March of 06. After fairing the chines I applied "Okoume" marine ply to the bottom and sides to construct the shell of the hull. Laying cardboard over the framework helped in sizing my panel stock. This went well and after my hours of fairing and sanding the hull was ready for fiberglass. I purchased on e-Bay a 60 yd roll x 54" wide 6 oz cloth for $60.00. This is a steal, so I advise all builders to do this... cloth is expensive. I glassed and sanded, glased and sanded, I have (3) layers on the hull and just epoxied the interior. I flipped the boat for deck framing and covering. I purchased a teak and holly panel as seen in the photos, I had it cut on the companys CNC router along with the perimeter mahogany paneling, it worked out great. I worked on the trim for quite while and I have a solution for anyone who wishes to have the trim along the gunwal as I do, this is not a bent or steamed piece of trim but cut curved. I actually laid and taped a paper template to the side hull and traced the top edge of the boat. I pulled the template back off the boat laid it flat and the piece of wood is actually curved. I used a wider piece of 1" thick Mahogany and cut the board on a curve and sanded the curve smooth, I then split the board on a band saw to make two pieces. I installed the both of them in about 15 minutes, this saves alot of time and worked perfectly. After trim was complete, I worked on the seat and center band behind the seat. I also had a 6" x 10"x1/4" Bronze skeg cut for the bottom on the CNC as well. I set in a Ebony, Bloodwood, and Holy decorative inlay band around the deck panel and painted and varnished the boat. I bought a new trailer for $530.00, and it was ready to power up.

I have (2) motors an Evinrude 18 hp and an Evinrude 30 hp. I have not tried the 30 yet, but will in the future. I am currently using the 18 hp. With just me, it runs top speed @ 27 mph+, with (2) adults we topped out @25 mph. This is the 18 hp! The boat handles extremely well, corners great and JUMPS out of the water when you hit the throttle hard. I also installed in-hull running lights for night running.