Tubby Tug - by Paul Brown, Sydney, Australia

21 October 2007

Dear Glen-L,
I have finally finished Tubby Tug. I started on the 25th of January and completed 19th October with a time of 362 hours. I think the hours could have been reduced if I had not had trouble with varnish finishes over epoxy.
The boat turned heads on the way to the water and in the water, building this vessel was a very satisfying experience. I would reccomend it to anyone, the end product is so unique.
Power is a 54 lb. thrust electric outboard, supplied by 2 100ah batteries, which can be switched from one to the other as required. The electric outboard supplier was horrified when I told him I wanted to cut it in half, and procceded to tell me there could be no warranty.
The trailer is a Glen-L 650, which I modified slightly as I wanted protection for the propellor. With one person on board, trim is slightly bow down, this is probably due to battery placement. With two up trim is spot on, one in wheel house and one on stern seat... it's more fun with two anyway and so quiet.

Thanks glen L for a great design.
Paul Brown
Sydney Australia