Monte Carlo by Brad Nidersson, St. Paul, Minnesota

6 November 2007


Thought I would register my building a Monte Carlo to the list. After expanding my shop 120 square feet so that I could fit the boat in the building, I now have the frames set up on the motor stringers. In the pictures you will see some 10'x1" strips of mdf for checking if my lines are fair. 11/06/07 working on preliminary fairing. Making a jig for router to cut longi notches, and searching for 1/4 inch hull material.

Brad Nidersson

18 July 2008 Update

The fairing of the framing is just about finished.

19 September 2009 Update

It's looking like a boat more and more. After the last layer it feels quite stout.

18 November 2009 Update

One photo is of the fastening of 1/2 " mahogany to the transom.
I am getting close to flipping the hull.