TNT by Warren Oatman

29 November 2007

Here are some pics I said I'd send to you. The first pics are of a TNT I built in 1973. I used Merc 35A & a Merc 55 on it. This was built with AC exterior ply & lumberyard pine as I didn't know you could order the proper boatbuilding wood. Also epoxy paint & no glass. I used this boat hard for about 6 years & had no problems with it.

In 1984 we built another TNT to use as a dinghy on our Morgan38 sailboat. I built it as an open boat, decked only to the first frame for anchor storage with bench seats and a 10hp Honda. We used marine ply, mahogany, & teak for wood. We used Poxy-Shield for glue & encapsulating, no glass, although I wished I had used glass. Used this one for around 10 years til we got an inflatable.

I have a Squirt frame kit for a future project, but am considering a Pee Wee or another open TNT for my step-daughter. I hope to have it done for the next Gathering.

Thanks for all the support & a great product

Warren Oatman
AKA UPSPIRATE on the forum