Bullet by Matt Heaney

24 January 2008

My name is Matt Heaney (23). I am currently building a Bullet, and I thought I would send you some pics of the construction so far...

I am a timber joiner and I work for my father, so I was able to use our joinery factory to construct my boat. I recieved the plans early December, and orgainzed the materials so that I had everything ready before we go on holiday here in New Zealand. We have a good 3 weeks for summer holidays so I planned to get the hull off the building form by the end of the holidays, which I managed to do.

I started on 26 December and as of now (25 January) I have done most of the hull appart from minor fillings prior to fibre glassing and am currently installing the coamings. The boat is looking good so far; can't wait to get in in the water.

Bullet Build it yourself

Building Form almost finished

Hankinson Designed Bullet

The transom being glued up

Glen L Bullet Boat

gluing the keel with the frames being installed to the building form

Glen-L Boat Fast as a Bullet

gluing the 3rd layer of the sheer clamps

Bullet by Glen-L Boat Designs

Prior to fairing

The Best-Built Boats are Glen-L Boats

The plywood planking all glued and screwed on prior to fairing

You get much more boat for your money with Glen-L Boats

The hull turned over - cleaned up the inside and had the carlins installed

That's roughly all for now but still working on it hard as eveyday I'm at work I keep looking at it and looking outside at the beaming summer sun and wishing it was done so I could take it out for a spin - good motivation I think : )