Zip by Mark Shipley

January 26, 2008

We righted the hull over the weekend and successfully mated it to the trailer. My guess is that the bare hull is well under 200 lbs. and four of us were able to do this with no scratched paint or hernias. Lots of photos were taken.

I also included some photos of the trailer I built using your plans. I think I mentioned that I used 2" X 3" X.120" wall rectangular tubing in lieu of the channel stock detailed in the plans. The cold-rolled tubing TIG-welds much better than hot-rolled C-channel and also increases the torsional rigidity of the chassis. I've had it to 70 MPH and it tows very nicely. The bunk cradles are sited to correspond with the ZIP's frame stations, making the angles a no-brainer. The boat fits perfectly. As an aside, the oak used for the cradles and bunks was recycled from a floor removed from an old house over in Pasadena. I couldn't let that go into the dumptser!

Anyway, we'll be starting on the decking and interior soon, and will get many more photos as that progresses. Stay tuned...


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