Tiny Titan by Harold Seelig

20 February 2008

I was rummaging around the attic today, and found these photos from the first Glen-L design my Dad and I built.....in 1966. I remember we bought the plans from you all, then bought the materials locally.

The motor shown was a 5.5 HP evinrude, with a duck boat prop on it....I borrowed it from a neighbor for the maiden voyage. As I was working at "Bethesda Boat Center" at the time, I later got a new 18 Evinrude, and a high pitch brass prop. Got a bit better than 40 out of that.(45?-that was 42 yrs ago).

Later I put an old Merc Mark 10(?) on it, and it really zipped. A lot of other folks got a big kick out of it. The people I sold it to learned to water ski behind it!