Power Skiff by Dave Kempa

29 February 2008

As I tell people, I only 40% wanted a boat, but I 60% wanted to build a boat. What an adventure boat building is; choosing a plan, studying plans, researching/procuring materials, building, launching. Neighbors that I never new came by to socialize. It felt like the back-yard scene from the “King of the Hill” series. The project helped fill new discretionary time created by an empty nest. Having completed the project I’m revisiting my old vices of drinking, gambling and computer addiction. My wife is encouraging me to build another boat. Perfect!

Glen-L provided plenty of support (materials, recourses, forums and owner’s pictures). Since I spent hours looking at other’s owner’s pictures, I owe the community a few to “go to school” on. Enjoy.


Dave Kempa
St. Louis, MO