Tuffy by Scott and Cameron MacPherson

12 March 2008

My dad and I just completed the Tuffy in the summer of July 2007. We did not do any modifications at all besides raise the transom height to 20" using stainless steel. What sits on the back is a brand new Mercury 40hp 4 Stroke EFI 2007 that I bought at the Toronto International Boat Show earlier that year. It turns a 10.25' x 14'P aluminum propeller that sets us close to 40mph with the trim all the way down. It has power trim so we will see more speed in the future...

We installed the works into her; gauges, no feedback steering, up front 11.5 Gallon gasoline tank, nice throttle and shifter and Nauticus smart tabs. We are adding more and more to it each day. It has been one of the most interesting projects I have ever done.

I will soon be buying either plans for the Zip and/or the Squirt.

I love your designs and your designs only. This is my own first boat and I will be building many more because of this is my new hobby. I don't even have a car yet, just a boat!