Ski Tow by Ron Humphrey

April 24, 2008

The SKI TOW is finally started, it's 45 years since I built the MISSILE in 1963, being 17 at that time, and have always wanted to build more boats since then. So I find it a great experience again, having retired from building houses. I think boat building is the Ultimate in craftsmanship, & your plans & patterns allow the amateur to fulfil the dream of any would-be boat builder. The SKI TOW will be used for fishing.

All frame members cut ready for assembly

The outlines for the frames are set out on a used sheet of ply

Ready for the building jig

The jig is made from old door frames, scaffold planks, from the building days, I never throw much away

I spread 2 old beach towels on the bottom planking & poured on boiling water, it bent easily. Note, the biggest change in the boatbuilding since the 'Missile' in 1963, is my haircut, it was Elvis style back then! I don't feel any different!

The time spent fairing was very satisfying, & made the sheeting easy, the lines true.

Took a couple months to get this far, I want to fibreglass the hull, but it is already too late now as winter has set in, we are near the only snow in Australia, so SKI TOW will sit like this til about Sept.