Glen-L 14 by Mark Park

October 28, 2008

I've almost completed the boat (just fighting some small leaks around the centerboard pin) and just have not been able to get some pics of sailing it yet (I've had it out sailing about 6-7 times now). As it get's colder her in North Carolina, I'm running out of chances to get on the lake and get some images.

(June 2008) Erica and I are installing the Decking.

(June 2008) The decking has been installed and we've started adding trim and rubrail. Soon we'll be ready to sand and clear coat it all.

(July 2008) Deck all sanded and fiberglassing it. A rare photo of my wife working on the boat in the back (she's usually the one taking the pictures).


(September 2008) Standing Rigging complete and running rigging started.

We took her out to see if we could sink her. A "positive floatation test". Well, this is as far as it will go under, it's not going to sink.

It was a snap to right, even my 50 pound daughter could do it. We repeated the test with full sails and got the same results, except she (my daughter) could not right the boat. It was still fairly easy for me to right, though.

Please visit my construction web page "Building the GL-14 Sloop"