Tubby Tug by Jason Stange, Cadillac, Michigan

July 27, 2008

Here are a few pictures of my newly completed Tubby Tug. My son max and my daughter Madeline had a great time launching our newly built boat.

I need to give you some background on this boat. I am a high school wood shop teacher who has been building this boat off and on for several years. Over the years I have had hundreds of people (students, parents, fellow school employees) ask me if this boat was going to float! I answered every time by saying "Yes, it will float!" I had many skeptics tell me that my boat was going to sink. If I would have only placed a bet with them, I would have been able to build this boat at their expense, because it floats like a dream.

I want to let you know that I had a great time building the Tubby Tug for my kids to enjoy. Boat building is contagious!!!! Thanks a bunch for a great boat design!