Dragonfly by Bob Gordon, St. Maries, Idaho

August 8, 2008

Here are the pictures of my Dragonfly I built last year. Took about 3 months to build it.

Changes I made were to extend the boat 12" to 18' and make the sides 3" higher, easy to do. I made it into a bass boat with livewell, lots of under deck storage, seats, trolling motor, etc. Made a fine boat for that purpose.

Also built in four sealed air filled flotation tanks to float the boat if the need ever arises...lol..

With the Nissan 90 hp it will do 44 mph with a full 20 gal tank and all the fishing equipment I haul around. Very good performing boat with the motor, be nice to have more HP but with the present price of gas I'm glad I went with the little 90 HP now..lol..

Boat handles well, will slide some on fast, big turns but that's just the nature of the flat bottom. Rides pretty good in waves and is a very dry boat in most conditions. There is no perfect boat but this Dragonfly suits my needs very well.

Congrats on a well designed, safe design...